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November 2, 2010


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Cash money, it's a good thing. So is free art. Throw in subs and some features and you've got yourself one sweet prize, amiright? What is this prize I speak of? What is it for, and what does it take to earn it? All these questions will be answered, rest assured. Just read on.

The Contest

As I'm sure you suspected, this is in regards to a contest. Both the theme and title for this particular contest is "At Work or At Play" and the subjects of it are fan-based characters. If you're not real fond of that type of OC, you should probably turn back now. If you've got no qualms about it, or are at least willing to set aside your disdain for the chance of winning those sweet prizes I keep mentioning, keep on going!

What you need to do for a chance at the spectacular prizes being offered, is select one or more characters listed below and depict them in a scene that is either related to work, or relaxation. The goal here is to come up with your own, creative idea of just how these characters might look or act in either situation. What you determine as work or play is up to you.

You won't be limited to “old world” clothing/scenes, as IC and AU are both an option for this contest. If, for example, you wish to draw the characters in a modern day setting wearing modern day clothing, you are encouraged to do so. Just don't lose sight of the character's personalities.

For example, this commission piece, done by the gifted New-chaossapphire, shows several characters enjoying a day at the beach, and would be considered an AU, “at play” scene. It's not something that could possibly happen in the current storyline (or is at least highly unlikely) and it definitely qualifies as a recreational activity. It is also still in keeping with the personalities of the characters. Suiren, who is a modest woman, is wearing a very modest bathing suit. Alindrah, who is terrified of large bodies of water and swimming, is about to deck Renji for trying to make her.

The character(s) you choose to draw should be shown in action, doing something; anything that you interpret as work or play. If they look as though they are just stiffly posing, you'll probably lose points on your theme. Unless, of course, they are literally posing for a photo shoot. ^_^  

    Deadline Midnight, Central Standard Time on January 5th, 2011 Mediums: Any illustrative medium (digital, traditional, mixed)

Remember to be creative and have fun with the theme! The possibilities are endless.

Please keep in mind that your submission must be dA friendly. Mature content will be acceptable but must receive approval from SweetYuya prior to submission. In short, nothing lewd or crude, guys.

The Prize Pool

:trophy: First Place: :trophy:
:bulletgreen: $100 Cash
:bulletgreen: 1 Year dA Subscription
:bulletgreen: 3 Month Subscription from Exillior
:bulletgreen: 1 Full Color Commission from Geofffffff
:bulletgreen: 1 Colored Commission from celeste84
:bulletgreen: 1 B&W Inked Commission from LunaticSupernova, up to 2 characters
:bulletgreen: 1 Elaborate Commission from Charmian-san
:bulletgreen: 1 Fully Colored Commission or Keychain from FlashFireBlue
:bulletgreen: 1 Month Feature from Lionsong
:bulletgreen: 1 Month Feature from riotycurls
:bulletgreen: 3 Month Feature from HisanaKuchiki
:bulletgreen: 2 Month Feature from LunaticSupernova

:trophy: Second Place :trophy:
:bulletgreen: $60 Cash
:bulletgreen: 6 Month Subscription
:bulletgreen: 1 B&W Inked Fantasy Commission from SicilianValkyrie
:bulletgreen: 1 Commission from riotycurls
:bulletgreen: 1 Simple Commission from Charmian-san
:bulletgreen: 1 Line Art or Tattoo Design from FlashFireBlue
:bulletgreen: 1 Month Feature from Lionsong
:bulletgreen: 1 Month Feature from riotycurls
:bulletgreen: 2 Month Feature from HisanaKuchiki
:bulletgreen: 1 Month Feature from LunaticSupernova

:trophy: Third Place :trophy:
:bulletgreen: $40 Cash
:bulletgreen: 3 Month Subscription
:bulletgreen: 1 Line Art Commission from Charmian-san
:bulletgreen: 1 Sketch or 1 Full-Color Chibi Commission from FlashFireBlue
:bulletgreen: 1 Month Feature from Lionsong
:bulletgreen: 1 Month Feature from riotycurls
:bulletgreen: 1 Month Feature from HisanaKuchiki
:bulletgreen: 2 Week Feature from LunaticSupernova

:thumbsup: Yuya's Pick :thumbsup:
:bulletgreen: 3 Month Subscription
:bulletgreen: Line Art/Sketch Commission from celeste84

:thanks: Honorable Mentions [5] :thanks:
:bulletgreen: 1 Month Subscription

All winners will be featured in my own journal for a full month; including the 5 honorable mentions and “Yuya's Pick.” Should any of the donators also be one of the top 3 winners, prizes will be adjusted as needed to accommodate them fairly.

If you would like to be a donator, you may contact me at any time before the end of the contest with your donation. The points donation pool is also still open and available on my front page, below my journal. The points from said pool will go towards covering the subscriptions offered to the top three winners.

All cash prizes can be sent via PayPal or Xoom. If the winner does not have access to either, arrangements will be made to the best of my abilities. All subs not given by a donator can be converted to points by request of the winner.

The Character Selection

All pertinent information in regards to the individual characters can be found within the character sheets linked below. In depth descriptions, additional details and reference images are located in the comment section of each deviation.

The OC's listed are fan-based characters; either from Robert Jordan's famous fantasy novel series, The Wheel of Time, or Tite Kubo's popular manga series, Bleach. If you're not familiar with one, the other, or both, there are helpful links to be found in the detailed description that will define unfamiliar terms or offer further information.

The links for the Bleach cast members that are found in the comment section of those deviations will re-direct you to a private Photobucket account that contains official artwork to be used as references only. The guest password for those albums is simply, references.

    :spotlight-left:Suiren sur Bashere:spotlight-right: © SweetYuya Suiren Character Sheet by SweetYuya Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah, and heir to the throne of Saldaea, Suiren is a very regal and composed woman. Her face rarely gives away any emotion, making her seem both cold and distant toward others. She is, however, very relaxed around her first-sister Alindrah, as well as her new companions, Rangiku Matsumoto and Byakuya Kuchiki. Basic Traits: Apathetic :bulletblack: Modest :bulletblack: Calculating :bulletblack: Regal :bulletblack: Possessive --- :spotlight-left:Alindrah:spotlight-right: © SweetYuya Alindrah Character Sheet by SweetYuya OC Questionnaire - Alindrah
    OC Questionnaire - Alindrah Sedai
    1. Hi! What's your real name and nickname?
    I am Alindrah, of the Nine Valleys Sept of the Taardad Aiel; as well as Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. I have no name other than my own.
    2. Interesting... What is your current age?
    -Stares intently and begins sharpening her dagger-
    3. O.o Never mind then! What's your favorite food?
    I have no particular preference. I eat whatever is served to me, or whatever I can find.
    4. And your favorite drink?
    That depends. Water normally, but I won't argue a strong cup of oosquai. Why? Would you like to have a drinking contest? -smirks-
    5. Your crush/lover?
    I may lie with the enemy, but I assure you, he is far from my lover. He will find his throat slashed at the first opportunity I find.
    6. That is...disturbing. Have you two kissed yet?
    You know, I can start on your throat just as easily.
    7. -Gulps- Moving on! What's your favor
    Alindrah has been many things in her life, from a warrior to an apprentice Wise One, and then to an Aes Sedai. She is strong both mentally and physically, which is common amongst her people, the Aiel. Because of her upbringing and the life she's led, she can withstand nearly anything thrown her way and still come out strong. Although it is said an Aiel never truly relaxes, in her downtime Alindrah has been known to play quite a few practical jokes on her friends. Basic Traits Fearless :bulletblack: Mischievous :bulletblack: Fatalistic :bulletblack: Fierce :bulletblack: Blunt --- :spotlight-left:Nelisande Togita:spotlight-right: © SweetYuya Nelisande Character Sheet by SweetYuya A relatively new member of the Green Ajah, Nelisande seeks to uphold all Aes Sedai principles as strictly as possible. She comes across as being very arrogant and uptight, because of this. The only people she ever relaxes around are her dear friend, Zhai din Eiran, and her Warder, Kamavon Shinowa. Secretly, she has a strong affection for Kamavon but has always and will always keep it quashed for reasons she has not deigned to share. Basic Traits Strong-willed :bulletblack: Manipulative :bulletblack: Brave :bulletblack: Strict :bulletblack: Dedicated --- :spotlight-left: Zhai din Eiran:spotlight-right: © SweetYuya Zhai Character Sheet by SweetYuya Zhai is as close to a free-spirit as you'll ever find, as far as Aes Sedai go. Around close friends, she always open and expressive, as she dislikes hiding her feelings. When duty calls, however, she is perfectly capable of smothering those emotions and harnessing the fabled Aes Sedai calm. Because she was born and raised an Atha'an Miere, she has a deep love of both the ocean and striking bargains. If you place a bet with her, you're apt to lose your shirt! Basic Traits Jubilant :bulletblack: Curious :bulletblack: Bargainer :bulletblack: Excitable :bulletblack: Rash --- :spotlight-left:Kamavon Shinowa:spotlight-right: © SweetYuya Kamavon Character Sheet by SweetYuya Like the majority of Borderland boys, Kamavon was given a sword at a very young age and has trained in its use ever since. He's used that skill to protect Nelisande from harm since childhood and up to the present day. He considers anyone a possible threat to her and does his best to keep them all at a safe distance. There is also a deep love for Nelisande that he harbors, but he keeps it well under wraps as she's made it plain she has no desire for romance, with anyone. Every once in a while, though, he simply cannot hide his feelings. Basic Traits Brave :bulletblack: Cautious :bulletblack: Selfless :bulletblack: Quiet :bulletblack: Distrusting --- :spotlight-left:Keiyo:spotlight-right: © oOLadyLuckOo Keiyo Character Sheet by oOLadyLuckOo Keiyo is playful and chaotic. She, like her twin, Kyoki, is prone to getting into sticky situations. Of course, Keiyo is usually the cause of said sticky situation. Many believe her to be nothing more than a harmless, absent minded and slightly off Fracción. Keiyo typically encourages this line of thought but occasionally reveals intellect hidden behind her bizarre insanity. Basic Traits Hyperactive :bulletblack: Melodramatic :bulletblack: Sneaky :bulletblack: Whimsical :bulletblack: Exhausting --- :spotlight-left:Kyoki:spotlight-right: © oOLadyLuckOo Kyoki Character Sheet by oOLadyLuckOo Kyoki is playful and cheerful. She, like her twin, Keiyo, is prone to getting into sticky situations. Unlike her twin, Kyoki is typically the one trying to wiggle them both out of said sticky situation with their hides intact. She often shows the same slightly odd humor as her twin, however, Kyoki is more responsible of the two hapless arrancars; which usually means she has enough sense to know when to grab Keiyo and haul ass, rather than sticking around for the real fireworks Keiyo would enjoy watching. That's not to say she is any less humorous or half-crazed than her twin, she's just more rational about it. Basic Traits Amusing :bulletblack: Troublesome :bulletblack: Eccentric :bulletblack: Perky :bulletblack: Impish --- :spotlight-left: Reika Arakaki :spotlight-right: © oOLadyLuckOo Reika Character Sheet by oOLadyLuckOo Reika is a bit rough around the edges. She has a foul mouth and a temper to match, yet is surprisingly impassive and composed when not provoked. She rarely smiles, unless it's a maniacal grin while in battle, of course. She can be very stubborn, at times almost childishly so. Reika acts tough but she never really grew out of her teenage naivety. During the heat of battle she keeps her cool but occasionally struggles against the voice of her Zanpakuto, Ketsurui, screaming for blood and carnage. Basic Traits Surly :bulletblack: Blunt :bulletblack: Independent :bulletblack: Destructive :bulletblack: Bloodthirsty --- :spotlight-left: Ketsurui :spotlight-right: © oOLadyLuckOo Ketsurui Character Sheet by oOLadyLuckOo Ketsurui is the malicious spirit of Reika Arakaki's zanpakuto. Calculating and incredibly twisted, he lives to torment her. He is more than likely insane but exceptionally intelligent regardless. There is typically a sadistic grin wreathing his regal face. Little manages to rile him up and break that calm but Reika attempting to gain independence never fails to make him seethe. He is extremely arrogant and controlling when it comes to her. Basic Traits Sadistic :bulletblack: Possessive :bulletblack: Dominating :bulletblack: Bloodthirsty :bulletblack: Manipulative

The Judges & Judging

The Judges: :icongeofffffff::icononefreeinternet::iconsicilianvalkyrie::icongisalmeida::iconarchie-the-redcat::iconooladyluckoo::iconsweetyuya:

The Judging:

Each entry will be scored using the guideline below.

  • Creativity: IC and AU are both acceptable. How unique your interpretation of the theme and depiction of the character(s) is can earn you up to 6 points.
  • Composition: How well put together your entry is and how it looks on the whole will earn you up to 5 points.
  • Theme: Your theme should be clearly distinguishable, the judges should not have to guess. The presentation of it can earn you up to 4 points.
  • Accuracy: Your representation of the character, such as personality and physical appearance, will earn you up to 6 points. All the information you will need is available here. If you don't see it, ask me.
  • Bonus: Additional points can be awarded for additional characters, fine details, backgrounds and extra effort for a maximum of 4 points.
  • Maximum possible points per entry, per judge: 25

Many thanks to the judges for offering their valuable time and considerable expertise in scoring the entries for this contest. :thanks:

The Entry Format

Alright, so you've probably got a general idea of what you're going to draw and how, along with the possible rewards. Now you need the basic entry guidelines, so you know just how to submit your entry when it comes time.

When you are ready to upload your entry, please be sure to use the following format:

  • Specify which theme your piece is based on.
  • Provide a link back to my journal that contains the contest information.
  • Character(s) should be listed by name, followed by their copyright holder. (IE – for my characters, put <Character Name> © SweetYuya, for Bleach cast please credit Tite Kubo.)
  • Watermark your entry, please. The dA watermark is preferred, but your own personal watermark is acceptable. High resolution copies of the entries should be sent to
  • Once your entry is posted, please note me with a thumbnail of the image. Do not post a link on my front page or in the contest journal.

For a visual example of how your comment section of the deviation should look, click HERE.  It doesn't need to look exactly the same, but this should give you an idea of what is needed.

Additional Rules

Before you get started, there are a few rules that I haven't covered yet.

  • You may not offer the work as a print. I will not authorize the sale of any artwork that contains my characters. No profit can be made from any entry on either side; contestant or contest holder.
  • Mature content is allowed, so long as it does not violate dA policies. If you intend to do a piece that may have questionable/mature contact, you MUST contact me before you begin to make sure it will be okay. Pin-up/provocative posing will not be accepted. I reserve the right to reject any submission that I feel is disrespectful to the character(s).
  • Your entry must be a 100% new and original piece. Old work, traces and/or bases will not be accepted.
  • Your entry must contain at least one of the characters listed below. Other characters that they can be drawn with are listed on each character sheet. Please do not send entries that contain characters unrelated to these, it will be rejected.
  • You may enter as many times as you like, but only 1 entry per deviant will be allowed to place.
  • Rough sketches will not be accepted as entries.

The F.A.Q. & Entries

Still have a few questions? With any luck, you'll be able to find the answers in the contest's F.A.Q., which can be found by clicking HERE. If you still can't find the answer to your question, please contact me directly, via note.

I'll be adding all entries to my favorites folder, aptly titled "Work Play Entries". To see those entries, click HERE.

Good Luck!

That's all, folks! Remember that I am available to any contest participant and I will gladly answer any questions you may have. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with and I wish you all the best of luck.


The original journal entry this article was based off of can be found HERE. Special thanks to OneFreeInternet for teaching me how to use the codes needed for formatting this article, and Grim-away and shinkamalei for pushing me to post it.
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PrincipessaItaliana Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2011
Huh, maybe I'll try out for your contest as well. I haven't been in one for a while and it would give me the excuse to get back into doing art work again.

Btw, I'm sorry for not having responded to you in while. I was going through some tough times, but I"m doing better now.
SweetYuya Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2011
That was a long time ago, actually. I think that contest ended back in January 2011.

It's okay hon, I'm pretty bad about replies myself. ^^; Hope life has been treating you well! Glad to hear things were looking up.
PrincipessaItaliana Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2012
Aw, shame. Well let me know when you have another contest, I'd love to try out.

Life has gotten better. I survived my fall semester and now I'm on break. I'm in Arizona right now with my grandma site seeing, so I"m super excited.
SweetYuya Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2011
The contest officially ended at midnight last night, January 14th 2011 (technically Jan 15th). No more entries will be accepted and judging will begin shortly. Please allow up to two weeks for the judging process. See journal entries for details and updates.

Thanks to everyone who entered and best of luck to you all!
Jullith Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2011  Student Digital Artist
I wish I had known about this sooner. orz I don't think I'll be able to draw up an entry in 2 days. But I'll try. <3
SweetYuya Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2011
There will be an extension, so you still have some time. To help me decide just how long that extension will be, you can vote here. [link]
JavaLeen Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2011
bah! I totally forgot about this one. >.<

3 days... I might not make it... >.<

But I think I'll still try...
SweetYuya Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2011
There will be an extension, so you still have some time. To help me decide just how long that extension will be, you can vote here. [link]
JavaLeen Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2011
YAY! :la:
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Sorry for the last minute, but can I join???
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